Eligibility Requirements

All employees must pass a background check.


– More than 3 traffic tickets in the last 3 years

– DUI conviction in the last 5 years

Employees must be able to pass a drug and/or alcohol test at any time between pre-hire and separation.

Employee Expectations

Attendance is required with time off approved in advance.  No-Calls or No-Shows prior to the scheduled report time are grounds for immediate termination.

Employees are expected to work in all conditions, both inside and outside.  

Employees must report to their work assignments in laundered clothing and free of odor.  Hair and facial hair is to be kept neatly trimmed.  Body piercings that pose a safety risk are not permitted.  Tattoos of obscene or offensive nature must not be visible while in uniform.

Smoking is not permitted in work vans, company buildings, or on customer sites.  

*The only exception may be on unoccupied commercial work sites (in designated areas) at the superintendent’s discretion.

Employee Benefits

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