Do it Yourself


For those wanting to install permanent lighting on their own.

We visit the project site, gather measurements, and if needed, consult our partners at Oelo to ensure you’ll have enough of the right materials to get the job done

Let us take the stress out of trying to get all the right parts and pieces for the job.  We’ll place the order for you!

You’re busy.  Let our staff receive your order, inspect items, and when you’re ready, we’ll deliver everything to you at no extra charge.

We know what it takes to get these lights installed.  We’ll take the guesswork out of it and have a list of all pertinent tools and materials you need to make things go smooth.

These lights are fully customizable and can be controlled from your iphone or android.  Not techy?  Don’t worry – the app comes pre-loaded with enough pre-set options to get you started. 


DIY w/ Bail-Out


For those ready to tackle an install with some help getting started, and a back-up plan in case things get tricky. This option includes all DIY Services, PLUS:

We’ll spend up to 2 Hours with you showing you everything from making cuts, to installing track and individual lights, to splicing low voltage wires.

When you’re done with the install, we’ll return to mount the Control Box near an existing power source, and make up the final wire connections.

*We are electricians first – ask us about getting power to the control box if there isn’t an outlet nearby.

When we’re there to mount the control box, we’ll also help set up your mobile app.  Just have a strong wi-fi signal near the control box.

We promise expedited assistance if you get stuck installing the track, splicing wires, or just want to throw your hands up.


This service is available during regular business hours and charged at a reduced rate of $75/hour per installer.  As part of the deal, all service call fees are waived.


Additional material fees may apply if replacement parts are needed to continue.

Full Install


We will handle every detail.  Seriously – pull up a chair and watch us work.  Even if it’s cold.

This upgraded cloud based mobile app will allow you to control lights from anywhere!  Yes- we will assist you in setting this up.

It’s your choice – and included in this price.  Choose from Face Mount: the traditional Christmas light look, or Downward Mount: a wall-wash accent look.

The typical job includes 10-15 wire splices.  There may be an additional cost for more splicing than the average home. 

Our labor rates may rise as we get closer to peak demand and colder temps.  We just can’t work as fast as we can when temperatures are mild.  Think heavy bulky clothes, ladders, gloves, frigid temps – you get the point.

Projects relying heavily on extension ladders and bucket trucks or other special items may incur additional fees.

Our contract terms can be found here.


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